Looking for Social Media Tips for Businesses? It’s the year 2017 and we’ve made some pretty huge strides in the tech space. Even so, there are still many businesses that are apprehensive when it comes to embracing the digital marketing space. There are many reasons for this, some people prefer certain platforms over others, ie; Facebook and LinkedIn are great for business but let’s not ignore the efficiency of other platforms such as Twitter.

Whether you were born in the age of technology or not, social media marketing forms an essential part of a business and we just can’t escape it.

Here are 10 Social Media Tips for Businesses:

1) RELAX, take it easy.

It’s always overwhelming when you’re new to social media, but it’s really simple to learn. Developers work to better user experience everyday also there’s this thing – Google, so no excuses. There are many step-by-step articles online on how to utilise social media effectively.

2) COMPLETE your business profile.

Potential customers like doing their research on businesses prior to conducting business. Make sure your business’ contact details as well as operating hours are clear. Look out for typos, typos are never a good look!

3) UPLOAD your company pictures and logos.

Humans are visual beings, a logo creates an association with your brand. Having a gallery allows the potential customer to familiarise themselves with your brand and your company culture.

4) Interact with your followers.

Customer interaction is a great way to build customer relations. Attend to enquiries as speedily as possible. Be efficient in this space.

5) Post consistently

Especially if you’re looking to build a decent following. It’s important that you’re constantly engaging your audience. Prepare content if necessary, include images, gifs and videos.

6) Association.

Whether or not you want to engage in politics, religion or any other sensitive subject online be sure to know when to draw back. You are representing your business’ brand. Stick to your company’s ethos, this is a good guideline.

7) Trending Topics.

Engage in trending topics, this is the ideal way to build a following and establish your social media presence. Jumping onto Trending Topics will open your business up to a larger audience.

8) @ME!!

Use the same handle across all your social media platforms, this way it’s easier for your followers or potential customers to find you on different social media platforms. Maintain Corporate Identity on all platforms, this means using the same logos, colours, themes, etc.


The truth is you can’t please everyone,  make sure you respond to unhappy customer reviews in a sincere manner always looking to correct the issue. When other consumers see how you’ve managed the issue they tend to buy into your brand.

10) Finally,

There’s a saying that goes as follows “If you can’t see yourself on a billboard alongside your tweet, DON’T POST IT!” the same applies to your business, represent it well. What you put out there on behalf of your business is an indication of your business’ values and what you stand for, be careful.