Starting a business and marketing it has become easier since the introduction and evolution of social tools. Historically entrepreneurs would have to invest large amounts of time and money to grow their business, times have changed drastically reducing the amount of time and money so that your focus could be shifted somewhere else in your business.

Below are 5 Social tools that can assist your business’ growth:

1. Snapchat.

Yes would you believe that Snapchat is a great way to get your business’ word out there. Due to the dynamics of the app, though not massively consumed, if managed properly
your business could reach the right people. When you reach the right people with your content
your ROI increases.

2. Twitter.

Though many are reluctant to use this platform it is super effective especially for creating brand visibility. Due to the interactive functionalities, Twitter too is an effective way to
market your business and interact with your audience. Don’t worry too much about your following as quality is more important than quantity in this case.

3. Facebook.

Simply because every Tom, Dick and Harry is on Facebook it is therefore probably the most used and effective platform when it comes to promoting your product or service.
Facebook also has booster post features meaning for a certain affordable amount you could target a specific market direction increasing your lead generation.

4. Instagram.

Instagram too is more about the Aesthetic of your business. Due to the fact that everything is more visual on this platform the dynamic shifts so highlighting features and spec
etc about your product or service proves more about effective.

5. Bizlink World.

Bizlink World consists of your personal profile and your business profile which is referred to as a ‘Biz Page’.This brilliant tool is focused on marketing your business and opening
your business up to a great networking community. You will be able to network with possible investors and find your next paying customer.

These 5 free social media tools are brilliant with assisting startup entrepreneurs with marketing their businesses. As much as these tools are convenient and user friendly it’s vital that these tools are managed properly. It is vital to remain as relevant as possible on social media when marketing your business. Keep creating new content and build your presence. Be sure to actually utilize these tools for an effective outcome.