Bizlink Creative Receives Gold Certification in SharpSpring Partner Certification Program

Johannesburg, 24 April 2019 – Bizlink Creative, a provider of Digital Marketing Services, obtained Gold-Level Certification in SharpSpring’s partner certification program. Through this program, SharpSpring, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHSP), a global provider of cloud-based marketing and email software solutions, empowers its partners to become experts in marketing automation and rewards top performers with referrals, certification badges and additional resources.

Bizlink Creative met all of the requirements within the gold tier of the certification program, demonstrating an exceptional level of expertise in marketing automation and the SharpSpring platform. With this certification, Bizlink Creative is more equipped to help clients drive qualified leads, convert more of those leads to sales, and optimise the ROI of their marketing campaigns.

“Agencies that are leaders in marketing automation are also far more likely to become leaders in the digital marketing industry,” said Rick Carlson, CEO of SharpSpring. “When a partner goes the extra mile to obtain this level of certification, we know they truly understand the value of marketing automation and that they’re committed to driving the highest results for their clients.”

Marketing Manager James Pettitt from Bizlink Creative had this to say, “We are very proud to have achieved our Gold Level Certification, only the 3rd in Africa, and we look forward to working towards our Platinum status. It is great to be recognised in a field that Bizlink Creative focusses a lot of effort in. Marketing Automation is the key to growth for most businesses as it provides an end-to-end platform that is able to monitor your marketing and sales performance. SharpSpring is one of the leading platforms in the Marketing Automation industry and we are a strong advocate of SharpSpring for their user-friendly, feature rich platform that is constantly being improved on.

As a value for money platform there is no better option and to be recognised as a Gold SharpSpring partner is a great achievement as it shows a level of competence that we demand from ourselves for our clients. Bizlink Creative will continue to work hard to become a leader in marketing automation in South Africa and this in a big step in the right direction. We would like to take this opportunity to thank SharpSpring for their continued support, for putting this program in place for the recognition of our Gold-Level Certification.”

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