Branding and Identity

Using our colour pencils to create works of art...

Logo Design

People often ask why a logo is so important. A logo is a visual representation of your company's brand. Your company's identity is visually expressed through your logo. From what service you offer, to your business culture to what message you are trying to convey.

Having a logo that protrays all of this is what you need to work towards. Below are examples of a rebanding client and a logo designed from scratch, both of which Bizlink Creative produced.

Dainfern Rebranding

Over a period of many years the Dainfern Estate name changed several times leaving people unsure of the identity of the Estate. Creative worked with the Estate to come the conclusion that it call itself just Dainfern and own the brand. The new logo was set in black so it could be used with any other colour, was easy to read on any surface and is instantly identifiable.


Nemesis Accounting Logo Design

When Nemesis Accounting approached Bizlink Creative they did not have a logo. After working the founder we delivered a logo that provides hidden meaning and represents both her as a person and her business


Need a logo?

Looking for a new logo or looking to make changes to your existing branding? Speak to us today and find out how we can assist you:

"A brand is a story that is always being told"

- Scott Bedbury

Corporate Identity

How do you present yourself to the public? Your Corporate Identity is your company's image. The reason why a consumer chose you over a competitor. This is why promoting your brand is one of the most important things you must do. Branding all your material ensures that your brand remains top of mind and educates everyone your material comes into contact with as to who you are.

Business Cards

Make your business card stand out from all the others with our designs

Social Media

Make your social media pages an extension of your brand and look professional

Marketing Collateral

Have an event coming up and need marketing collateral? We've been there and got the T-Shirt... the same T-Shirt we designed! We understand the need to get your brand out there in innovative ways and will work with you to do just that!

From letterheads and envelopes to pull-up banners and gazebos we've got you covered! Speak to us about what branding we can do for you.

Email Signatures

Something so simple yet done properly can make a world of difference!


You cannot put a value on having your brand displayed for the whole world to see.

Build your brand and get your name out there with the help from CreativeContact Us 

What people think matters

Why do you think we brand everything?

Brand Management

Brand image is more than just having the correct logo and name across all mediums. Your brand creates an image, sets expectations, carries value and provides a competitive advantage. So establishing what your brand is and how you want to portray your yourself goes beyond just looking professional, it gives you the ability to change attitudes, create trust and tailor expectations.


One Brand. One Message

All forms of communication should carry the same logo, look, feel and message. From the website to newsletters, social media pages, online advertising, business cards, clothing and offline advertising. Creative will work with you to ensure that your brand is uniformed across all mediums.

Below ares smoe of the services we offer:


What We Do


Creating a new look and feel for an established product or company. The goal is to influence a customer's perception about a product or service or the company overall. This is achieved by tweaking or revitalizing the brand to make it seem more modern and more inline with the customer's needs.

Brand Management

Bizlink Creative would take control of the process in maintaining, improving, and upholding a company's image so that the brand is associated with positive results and inline with the company's vision . We would assist in roll-out of new marketing material and advertising to ensure that it complied with the branding guidelines.


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