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Leveraging Technology for Business

We live in a world where the question no longer is; "Do you have a online marketing strategy?". You have to have an online marketing strategy. The question now should be; "Is your online marketing strategy working?".

Leveraging the technology available to us such Search Engine Optimisation, Custom Landing Pages and Pay Per Click we are able to reach billions of people. Start reaching more people for less with online marketing.


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Pay Per Click

Google AdWords

Search Advertising

Get your business to appear Googles Search results page! Your advert will be displayed on the results page for results relating to your offering.

Display Advertising

Use visual ads to stimulate engagement. Target specific website or utilize the full power of Google's Display Network, which includes YouTube, and get people to click on your relevant advert.

Instant and Cost-Effective

The biggest advantage of Pay Per Click marketing is it is quick to setup and you only pay when someone clicks! Start saving money and only pay when people are interested in your service or product.

Innovative, Targeted, Results Driven Marketing

Create lasting impressions

Custom Landing Pages

Websites are great but often visitors can get distracted by other offerings or jump from page to page without you getting the desired result. This is why we create custom landing pages which are designed to turn traffic into leads.


If a person is looking for a specific product don't present them with multiple choices. Don't give them a fruit bowl selection, give them what they are looking for.


Don't make your message too broad and blast it out to the whole world and wait for a response. Define your target market carefully and ensure that you are reaching the right people with the right message.


Don't give any other options for people to do anything else than to convert them. Often we give too many choices and they get lost and bounce from your pages. Keep it simple and give them only one choice to make.

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Reaching people is easy.

Now it's all abut converting them with innovative campaigns that capture the imagination

Search Engine Optimisation

It's all about the fight in getting to the firs page of Googles search results. Not only the first page but the first few results. If you can get to the top end of the results page you are able to convert traffic into paying customers. 

How do we do this? Search Engine Optimisation. This is a process of optimizing and promoting a website to try and gain higher search ranking. There are many factors that affect this but by working with the guidelines laid down by search engines such as Google you can work your way up.

Long Term Success

Increasing your search ranking means you will have to spend less money and time on marketing over time as you are able to generate more traffic through organic searches.

Increased Leads

The higher you rank the more will increase the amount of traffic going to your website and thereby increasing the number of leads.

Brand Building

By ranking higher in search results you are able to establish yourself as an industry leader thereby building your brand.

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