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Client Link

The rapid advance and adoption of digital marketing and communication technologies has made it essential for professional businesses to be able to employ these systems and realise the benefits they offer. In response, Bizlink Creative, has developed Client Link which is a multifaceted business ecosystem which is able integrate these systems to achieve your objectives

Integrated Digital Marketing Solution

Components of an Integrated Solution

Our Client Link Solution is able to fulfill the marketing journey that your business should be trying to achieve. By integrating mutliple services you are able to build out a comprehensive marketing solution that can achive a multitude of objectives!

Corporate Identity

A strong corporate identity sells itself through uniformity, consistency and professionalism.

Social Media

Social media has allowed you to bring the public closer to your brand than ever before.

Web Design

Visitors will judge your business by the experience they have with your website.

Marketing Campaigns

Is it time your marketing went through a make-over and started producing results?

Marketing Automation

Let the system do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your businesss

Monitoring and Reports

Start measuring your return on investment through tracking and reporting

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Marketing solutions for individuals and bussinesses

Client Link Pro

Are you in the Financial Services industry?


We have developed a marketing platform just for you! Here at Bizlink Creative we have developed an application which allows you to provide tremendous value to your prospects and current clients. Start attracting, engaging and retaining clients with our unique platform.


Give people a reason to interact with your brand on a regular basis and an opportunity for you to sell, up-sell, cross-sell or just provide value to them!

Journey Marketing

Take your prospects and clients on different communication journeys based on what they are interested in and where they are in their lives.

Track Communication

Track every bit of communication you have with your clients and prospects. Know exactly what they have received and when they received it.

Personal Communication

Communicate to your prospects or clients on a one-to-one basis using dynamic content that is tailored to each individual

Cloud Solution

No matter if you are in the office or on the move you can have access to your platform on any device anywhere in the world.

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